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Commercial Products

Multipanel is a division of Grant Westfield Ltd, the people behind interior excellence who have been building on a long line of passion, skill and creativity since 1881.

Multipanel brings luxury and quality to your washrooms and bathrooms. Offering long-lasting design, it is now possible to create completely waterproof spaces with quick and easy installation.

Designed to meet the heavy demands of washroom and commercial bathroom installations, our walls, floors, ceilings and vanities are easy to clean and completely eliminate the risk of mould. Transforming the way we design our interiors forever, Multipanel is the ultimate trade secret.

Multipanel is widely used in:

• Housing associations
• Hotels
• Private developers
• New build
• Care homes
• Student accommodation

Manufacturing 8000 wall panels a week and distributing through a national distribution network of 8 locations, we are well placed to service you and your client’s requirements.

Take a look at our brochure:

Commercial brochure cover


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