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New Homes

The building industry continues to be challenged by skill shortages, increased labour costs and extended build times. Housebuilders also have the challenge of meeting the modern buyer’s expectations, from keeping on-trend to ensuring durability of interiors. With Multipanel housebuilders benefit from:

• Products suited to large developments and luxury one-off projects 
• Wide range of décors and textures to differentiate homes 
• Significant material cost savings
• No need for specialised trades
• Reduced snagging

Differentiate new homes with on-trend decors 

Multipanel is available in a wide range of décors and textures, from neutral, traditional designs with a modern influence, to the subtle elegance of the Heritage range, with the upgrade option to the Linda Barker collection, boasting stunning true-scale stone, and wood designs. 

Installation savings 

Multipanel offers multiple cost savings against traditional tiles. Multipanel removes the need for specialist trades on-site, plaster board is no longer required (material and time savings), fitting time is significantly reduced and unlike tiles, there is no need to wait for Multipanel to dry and grout. 

Reduced snagging requirements 

Snagging issues are not associated with Multipanel and the product comes with a 15 year warranty.


Linda Barker Collection for Multipanel NEW!
Heritage Collection  NEW!
Multipanel Classic
Multipanel Tile
Multipanel Floors
Multipanel Ceilings



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