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Hydrolock | Tongue & Groove Edge | Multipanel

The Multipanel Hydrolock connection makes it possible to join two panels together without a mid-joint. Precisely engineered, Hydrolock edge details create a discreet and watertight joint for complete peace of mind. Recently improved to make installation even easier.


Technical Information

• When manufacturing Hydrolock joints, 20mm is lost from the original panel width, e.g.
2400 x 598mm = 2400 x 578mm finished face size
   2400 x 1200mm = 2400 x 1180mm finished face size

• Hydrolock panels are supplied as standard with tongued and grooved edges for easy click-into-place installation

• Accuracy of pattern alignment between panels may vary depending on the scale of the pattern

• Hydrolock panels should be conditioned at normal room temperature for 48-72 hours prior to installation, particularly during cold spells

• Panels should be fitted ‘grooved’ edge first, and the ‘tongued’ edge of the next panel angled in and pushed back until it snaps into place

• A narrow bead of silicone sealant must be applied to the shoulder of the ‘tongue’

• Hydrolock panels are not available off the shelf – slightly longer lead times than standard panels apply

• Full fitting instructions should be read prior to installation

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